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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review!

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So about a week ago I mentioned a product called Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra is a home fragrance line. It has candles and wax beads for your wax melters. A friend of mine was nice enough to send me some samples for review. She sent me two scents, Winter Woods and Sweet Pea/Lily. Continue reading for a full review.

Winter Woods smells great... in the jar of course. Unfortunately, once put into a wax melter the scent fades away drastically. It starts off as a great strength in the jar, but once melted, you can barely notice it. That may prove suitable for people who are extremely sensitive to fragrances. But for the people who want to smell that nice aroma, you may be disappointed. Now I'm not shunning this company as a whole, but this particular scent I am afraid I have to. Another claim Pink Zebra has for their Sprinkles line, is that they last for 36 hours for 1 teaspoon. This is not so true for this scent. I used the 1 teaspoon as suggested and the faint scent only lasted for 10-12 hours, not the 36 the company says. In order to get that scent to last is to double and even triple the suggested amount of Sprinkles. 

According to the company, 1 teaspoon lasts 36 hours and is equivalent to one wax cube found in stores. That maybe so, but the scent does not last for 36 hours. It really is a shame, because this scent is something that really tickled my fancy.

Sweet Pea/Lily on the other hand did last longer than Winter Woods. I was sent two samples of this scent and found that this scent lasted for 20-25 hours. Still not the 36 hours the company says, but still longer than Winter Woods. This was also for 1 teaspoon of this product put into my wax melter. The scent is not faint, nor too strong and doesn't seem to fade either when melted. So I can put in a better review for this scent.

As for other scents, I have not tested them so I can cannot give you a review for them. That is just something we will have to take a chance on and try for ourselves. But for the two that I currently have, Winter Woods seems suitable for those who are super sensitive when it comes to fragrances, and Sweet Pea/Lily is suitable for those who want that wham in your face but not over powering scent in their homes.

You can find more info on the Sprinkles line here as well as see all the fragrance they have to offer.

Samples sent for review purposes.


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