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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Get Free Stuff Like Me!

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Alot of you are probably saying there is no such thing as "really free stuff". But in fact, there is! Simply by devoting an hour or two each day to point earning sites, you are well on your way to redeeming for free prizes and even getting free money! Yes, you read right, FREE MONEY. All it takes is simply doing surveys, searching like normal and doing some free offers that won't spam the heck out of your inbox. Let me list the sites I use, so you all can see the great prizes that are available. 

There is Swag Bucks, which is completely free to join. Swag Bucks offers quite a bit for prizes. I redeem for Amazon cards and Paypal cards. They also have other cards such as Bath and Body Works, Starbucks, CVS, Walgreens, just to name a few. You can use these Amazon cards for buying Christmas gifts, buying things for yourself, such as makeup, nail polish, and other things, that are completely FREE. 

There is iRazoo, which is also free to join. iRazoo is EXACTLY like Swag Bucks. You earn your points and redeem for prizes. This one does not carry Paypal cards, but they do carry other cards for online shopping. 

GiftHulk is another site that is like Swag Bucks and iRazoo. GiftHulk has Amazon cards as well as Paypal cards. The great thing about GiftHulk is that you not only win points by searching, but you also have a chance everyday to a $1 Amazon card. $1 is $1 you never had, so go for it!

Zoombucks is also like Swag Bucks, iRazoo, and GiftHulk. You can get the same cards, some are cheaper, and some are more expensive in points when it comes time to redeem. But really, who cares? Free is free!

Each of these sites are free to join and free to start earning. I also started savings for a completely FREE VACATION. Yes, you read right, a FREE vacation. No out of pocket expenses at all! So far I have been able to get $10.00 free in less than a week for my vacation fund! How awesome is that! Anyways, if you want to start earning free prizes and money, I highly suggest giving one of these, or all of them a try! Happy point earning!


Millie said...

We have similar sites in Australia but they pay like 10 cents per survey so not worth the effort:(

Kimmie said...

Millie, these sites payout alot more than survey sites. These aren't just a survey site, but a point earning site. You can earn points by doing anything. Just by searching will earn you points. :D

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