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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zoya's Gems & Jewels Holiday Collection End Review

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When it comes to polishes, Zoya knows what to do. There isn't a single polish in Zoya's catalog that is considered a dud to me. So when I heard about this Holiday collection, I knew I just HAD to review it. I'm glad I did. Gems & Jewels Holiday collection is pure glam. You have the 3 gem-toned polishes along with 3 unique bar jewel-like glitter polishes. As said before, each polish can be worn on its own or together to create a gorgeous layered effect. The amazing part of this collection, is the fact that each polish (gem-toned) went on in 1 coat. The formula on each is simply smashing. No gloopyness and no streaking. The bar glitters I was a bit hesitant to use. I have such bad luck with glitter polishes. They just seem to take control on their own. But with Zoya, they've executed the perfect glitter polish. It glides on evenly without leaving any bald spots and just makes any color polish gem and jewel-like. So feel free to click on the names of the pictures below to be redirected to each polishes review. 

Holly & Rina

Izzy & Kissy

Noel & Twila


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