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Friday, July 8, 2011

Zoya - Laney

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So here I thought for the longest time I swatched Laney. I guess I was wrong. So I will swatch it for you now! Laney is a pretty silvery color with hints of green to it. I would totally love to see someone purchase Laney and add a Konad/Bundle Monster stamping on top in gold.


Nailderella said...

Nice! I love the Reverie Collection. They have such beautiful polishes!

According to your pictures, it looks quite different from Your Royal Shine-Ness. But how different? can you tell?

-Diana- said...

Wow nice color :)

Kimmie said...

@Nailderella: Your Royal Shine-Ness is more of a glittery silver while Laney is more of a flat silver green color.

@Diana: Thank you!

Nailderella said...

OK, thank you! I think I need both of them then!

Kimmie said...

You're welcome! :D

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