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Saturday, July 2, 2011

WEEKEND SPECIAL: Nicole by OPI Texture Polish Review Part 1 + Bonus

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Nicole by OPI decided to create Texture Polishes, which are the same as OPI's Shatter Polishes. I found these to be really good. What surprised me was the fact that I thought the red was going to be the same as OPI's red shatter. But when I applied it, I noticed that Nicole's red texture was brighter. When using Texture/shatter polishes, you MUST apply a topcoat if you wan that shine, or else it will look very dull. As you can see from the swatches here, I decided to swatch them on Monday's post, The Wonder Yellows. The last Texture Polish will be swatched on another color. Be sure to look for that. Let's talk about the formula for a bit. I will be honest, a few of these seemed to be a little gloopy to me, but it did not fail on doing its job. Other than the gloopiness, the texture polishes did do a good job on shattering. The others were perfectly fine when it comes to formula. I do suggest picking these up and at least trying them for yourselves though. You never know, you might like them!

Collection sent to me for review.  

So here is a bonus for you girls! I decided to bump up the time to show off the design. I am so sorry I could not make a video about it. For some reason my movie maker was corrupting my video files. So a picture will have to do for now!

So I got my inspiration from Maria at Nails Made Simple. And she did a design that is just oh so cute!


Nailderella said...

these shatters look cool! i love the teal one!
I just saw Turquoise Shatter (OPI) in town yesterday and wanted to buy it...;; but I didn't... maybe I'll have to grab it next week XD

McDiaz714 said...

wow you took this design to another level!!! these are so awesome.!!!! i love it.!:)

Kimmie said...

@Nailderella: Turquoise Shatter is really pretty from OPI.

@Maria: Hehe! Thank you dear!

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