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Monday, July 25, 2011

LA Girl Rock Star Nail Lacquer - Groupie

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If you follow me on Youtube, I mentioned that Groupie could be a dupe for OPI's Grape...Set...Match. I swatched the two side by side and noticed that they are NOT the same. From the bottle they look the same, but once swatched, Groupie has purple glitters in it while Grape...Set...Match has an array of colors for glitter. Nonetheless, I'm loving this polish. It certainly has that rock star feel to it.


Nailderella said...

ohhh so pretty!~ I love the purple glitters in it!

Kimmie said...

I do too!! There is a polish I did not swatch this week because it is WAY too glittery for me and I did not want a glitter bomb.

McDiaz714 said...

how does this one compare to OPI DS Magic ? do u have a comparisson?

i love the color!

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