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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dr.s Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer Shades Collection Review

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Tranquil Tangerine

Bold Baby Blue

Nurture Nude Pink

Glee Gold

Lovely Lavender

Dr.s Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer Collection is a fantastic collection of polishes. I love the fact that there are brights, so it can appeal to people who love brights. It has neutrals so it appeals to people who love neutrals. And it also has the a shade of lavender to complete this collection.

Tranquil Tangerine is a gorgeous bright orange with an amazing shimmer of yellow. When I opened the review package, my eyes went straight to this polish. I looked it over and I fell in love immediately. This color is so perfect for Summer.

Bold Baby Blue is a pretty Cinderella blue with a generous amount of silver shimmer to it. This shade of blue is perfect for people who want that pop of color on their nails.

Nurture Nude Pink is a nude color with a base color of pink. This is a very neutral color. This polish also has a very delicate amount of shimmer to it. Not much, but it is still visible.

Glee Gold is another neutral color in this collection. To me this color can be best described as an antique gold that has a brown base color rather than a yellow. To better describe it, it would be considered sand colored.

Lovely Lavender is a dusty lavender that has no shimmer, sheen or sparkle to it. It is just your regular lavender color that is considered a cream polish. This color is also perfect for this collection because during this season, we do see a lot of lavender.

Overall this collection is fantastic. Tranquil Tangerine, Bold Baby Blue and Glee Gold went on in 2 coats, while Nurture Nude Pink went on it 3. To make this collection even more special, Lovely Lavender went on in one coat! There was no need to add a second coat because it was already opaque enough.

Collection sent for review.


Anonymous said...

Tranquil Tangerine and Bold Baby Blue are very beautiful!! the others are more ordinary.
Thanks for the review!!:)

Kimmie said...

You're welcome!! Glad you liked the review!

Anonymous said...

great review.. those colors are amazing!!! I have never heard of that nail polish brand before.. where do you purchase it? thanks for the review and you have such wonderful nails :)

Kimmie said...

You can purchase these polishes on their site. I'm glad you liked the review!


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