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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Review

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So as you can see, I painted my nails with all kinds of polishes. I really wanted to put this remover to the test. Dark Blues and Reds tend to stain my nails the most, which is why I used both colors for this review. I wanted to see how well it does. On the bottle it says Removes 2 Times Faster. And believe me, it really does! The second my cotton ball soaked in remover hit my nail, it started to dissolve the polish right away! Two great things about this remover is;

A) it smells great! Seriously! To me it smells like Black Licorice! Kid you not!  
B) it has this really nice feeling on your skin. It does not dry out your skin like most polish removers do. This left a nice moisturized feeling to my skin and nails!


I figured I would so you an after picture for this review. I wanted to show you that there is hardly any stainage on my nails after using this polish remover. I am very pleased with this remover. But wait! I'm not done yet! I have another polish remover review, from Cutex Nails of course, that will be posted on Thursday!


McDiaz714 said...

where did you get this nail polish remover!? i usually use 100% acetone because i have no patience to get nail polish off but i want to change that routine and start using nail polish remover that doesnt dry out my cuticles

Kimmie said...

I contacted Cutex and asked for review swatches. They sent out 2 samples for me to review.

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