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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wet n Wild - Rain Check

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Rain Check is a wonderful silvery sky blue. I really could not take my eyes off of this color. It really draws you in. It just screams Spring. When I saw this color, I thought of the sky. It has that same hue and color as the blue skies. So I decided to do a design for this as well.

I did another sponge technique using white to represent clouds. I dabbed the sponge a few times on some paper to remove the excess polish. Then I sponged the white over the blue, making sure not to over do it. Once I sponged the white on the blue, I decided I needed some pretty little designs to go on them. I added a cute little dove design. I did this to represent the dove flying in the sky. I then added a cute little tulip design to add a Spring feel to it. So I hope you like this design and the swatches!


Joyce said...

I love that mani. Very cute. Rain Check happens to be one of my favorite polishes. I love it on my toes too.

Kimmie said...

Awesome! Rain Check is a very nice color to be worn during this season.

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