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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wet n Wild - Lady Luck Plus Nail Pail!

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Lady Luck for some reason reminds me of Be A Dahlia Won't You? by OPI. It has the same hue, but there some difference to be seen though. 

I figured I would show you what Lady Luck looks like with Hallucinate on top. Hallucinate is a pretty glitter polish that makes any color pop when this is added on top. And now for some extra news! So I went to CVS on Sunday. I was on the hunt for a Nail Pail from Wet n Wild. I first heard about this from a blog I follow all the time. This item is exclusive to CVS only. So I arrived at my first CVS of the day, and what do I find! The nail pail! It was the LAST one on the the shelf! Lucky me! Here are some pictures!

The Nail Pail comes with 7 polishes, a nail filer, toe separators, 24 stencils and a white nail art polish. You also get the pail as well! Everything inside this pail is valued at $30.00. But you only pay $9.99! So I hope you gals have enjoyed today's post. Be sure to keep an eye out all this week for more swatches!


Isadore said...

Ah lucky you, that's a great deal. I'm always at my CVS, I would love to get this offer, I love nail polish... how do you get your nails to grow so long?

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