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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LaSplash Cosmetics Love Notes Collection!

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So recently I entered their Valentine contest and won. The prize was the entire Love Notes collection. I recieved it today and figured I would share it with you guys!

From left to right: Top coat, Love Crush, Cupid, Be Mine, LOL, Sweet Heart and Mua!
Here are the glitters that come with the collection.

From left to right: Fashionista and Trickery

From left to right: Hazardous and Pink Heart Spangle

Red Heart Spangle
And here are the classic blurry shots! I guess my camera decided to mess around with me.

Aaaaand, LASplash also sent me this lovely shirt! I am so going to rock this shirt when I am out and about!

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Be sure to check back on a regular basis as I will be reviewing this collection!!


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